Craig and Stacey, the husband and wife team behind Just Human, saw an opportunity to create a new model for responsibly made products.

They never expected to work in fashion, but a passion for great design, a background in optical and a frustration with the lack of function-driven and sustainable eyewear options led them to conceive of Just Human.

Chic circularity

Classic eyewear styles made with responsible materials. Focused on the entire system, from design and material selection to manufacturing and packaging.

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Faces not gender

Unisex and universal, four iconic eyewear styles, engineered to fit and function on all face shapes. We want as few sunglass designs as possible to be adopted by as many humans as possible.

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Functional design

Based on proven science and clinical studies, our lenses protect your eyes against eye strain, headaches and fatigue.

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Made for forever

One of the most environmentally responsible things we can do is make a product that endures for a lifetime, not a season.

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